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Open sapce: bring your project a step further

Location: Smart Class Date: June 7th 2018 Time: 14:40 - 16:30

This session will form a contribution to networking and sharing ideas among the participants of the Congrestival through an active and engaging set up. It is a speed date session organized by students and for students in which Honours students pitch their projects or issues for 2 minutes and then ask the participants for fresh input for their projects by posing concrete questions regarding their projects. This speed dating will take place in several rounds. The session presents an opportunity for dialogue between different groups using each other’s talents and skills to generate new and fresh input for the projects of all participants. The session will wrap up with the creation of a joint giant wall paper with the most important gains from the session by all participants.

Given by Lineke Stobbe, Marike Lammers and Henmar Moesker of Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim, Saxion Hogeschool and Hanzehogeschool.

Language: Dutch and English