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ePortfolios here, there and everywhere!

Location: Bird's Nest Date: June 7th 2018 Time: 12:20 - 14:10

ePortfolios have emerged as the eleventh high impact practice in higher education (AAC&U). We would like to inspire and motivate the session attendees to adopt the technology and pedagogy of ePortfolio in their honours teaching. Throughout the workshop, we will share not only the benefits of the portfolio and the ePortfolio approach, but also examples, templates, and products that session attendees could implement in their practice. We also plan to stimulate a conversation around other ePortfolio applications in the honours programs of the attendees, leading to a comprehensive list of ePortfolio applications that could be shared with the community. 

Workshop given by: Beata Jones and John Zubizarreta of Texas Christian University and Columbia College.

Language: English