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Can I interrupt you?

Location: Colour Splash Date: June 7th 2018 Time: 12:00 - 12:50

From various reports, among others, the Education Council, Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and OnsOnderwijs2032, show that good education should serve three purposes: transferring knowledge and skills, paying attention to socialization (citizenship) and paying attention to personal development or: subjectification. This last target domain, is embraced from education and recognized as relevant and valuable. At the same time, this goal raises questions. Questions like: What exactly do we mean by subjectification? What does this look like for students? And very concretely: How do you, as a lecturer, ensure that there is room for it during your lesson?
The above questions are leading during this interactive lecture. The answers are the result of an initial investigation into the question: How do you create space within the Dutch course for the appearance of subjectivity among pupils? The first results from a pilot study will be shown. Although the research focuses on the domain of the Dutch school subject, this lecture is current and extremely relevant for all teachers, teachers, future teachers and interested parties in education.

Given by Joke van Balen, of NHL Stenden Hogeschool.

Language: Dutch