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Building your learning power

Location: Bird's Nest Date: June 7th 2018 Time: 10:00 - 11:50

BLP: focus on learning and learning culture: The aim of Building Learning Power (BLP) is to develop the learning capacity of students, both at school and outside school. The central focus lays on creating a learning culture in the classrooms and in the school in general. A culture in which the students systematically learn habits and attitudes to solve problems. BLP increases the self-regulating capacity and learning pleasure of students, with the result that learning outcomes increase.

Training ‘learning muscles’: BLP makes the comparison with sport, in which the long-term and professional training of muscles is necessary to deliver a (top) performance. As learning capacities are better trained, in a good context, the learning ability of the students increases.

Teacher behavior: Where in the sport the trainer / coach is important for the development of talents, is it the teacher who fulfills this role in the school. Through BLP, teachers can consciously choose from a palette of skills, with which they stimulate and guide the learning process of the students.

Language: An important aspect of BLP is that it gives students language to talk about learning. This seems to be something small, but it is an important step in the awareness process.

Practical research and experience: The philosophy of BLP has been developed by Prof. Guy Claxton from England. Learning theories and research by, among others, John Hattie, Carol Dweck and Ellen Langer are under the concept of BLP. A large number of schools in primary and secondary education are successfully working with Building Learning Power. Thirty schools in the Netherlands are active in the Netherlands with BLP.

Workshop is given by Anton de Vries, Anita Holwerda and Klarinske de Roos from ECNO.

Workshop is given by Evie Walsma of NHL Stenden Hogeschool.

Language: Dutch and English