James Nottingham

James Nottingham is co-founder and director of Challenging Learning, a group of companies with 30 employees in 6 countries. His passion is in transforming the most up-to-date research into strategies that really work in the classroom. He is regarded by many as one of the most engaging, thought-provoking and inspirational speakers in education.

About James

His first book, Challenging Learning, was published in 2010 and has received widespread critical acclaim. Since then, he has written 6 books for teachers, leaders, support staff, and parents. These books share the best research and practice connected with learning; dialogue; feedback; the Learning Pit; Early Years education; and Growth Mindset. 

Before training to be a teacher, James worked on a pig farm, in the chemical industry, for the American Red Cross, and as a teaching assistant in a school for deaf children. At university, he gained a first-class honours degree in education (a major turnaround after having failed miserably at school). He then worked as a teacher and leader in primary and secondary schools in the UK before co-founding an award-winning, multi-million-pound regeneration project supporting education, public and voluntary organisations across north east England.

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In 2006, James co-founded Challenging Learning. Now, his team support nurseries, schools, colleges, and school districts with long-term projects that make a significant difference to the lives of ALL learners (staff lives as well as young people’s lives). This support includes keynote speeches, staff workshops, demonstration lessons, coaching, research and analysis, presentations for parents, and excellent teaching resources.

Thursday the 7th of June

13:00 – 13.50
“Old Skools in New Ways? A debate with James Nottingham about change in education” * kick off for workshop ‘learn and live with guts’!

14.20 – 15:10
“Mindset is not working (yet): here’s why, plus what you can do about it!”
James Nottingham talks about the latest research on mindset. He recently published on this interesting theme. Get the state of the art knowledge first hand.

15.40 – 16.30
“Learning Pit – LIVE (Warts n all)” – James Nottingham dares to do new things too: a live Fish Bowl performance of the Learning Pit with a multi-level group of pupils/students (all ages). Q&A afterwards.

17:00 – 17.50
“Embrace the f*ck ups! (they lead to the best learning)” – “Keynote”

20:00 –21:00
“F*ck Up Night”