About Congrestival

Krekt wat oars as oars.

This Frisian expression underlines one of the traits for which we are known both here and across the border: the courage to be different. This Frisian characteristic results in wonderful ideas. Ideas the NHL Stenden X-Honours Programme is excited to share with you during the X-Honours Congrestival on 6, 7 and 8 June 2018. A Congrestival that will inspire, stimulate, but above all engage!


For three days we will show you how we work at the X-Honours program of NHL Stenden University. You get a look in the kitchen of our X-Lab. And you discover how our students work. On Wednesdays and Fridays during the Eleven projects tour you will tour through surprising projects in the province to hear, see, smell and taste how our education, research and work field is a perfect combination.

On Thursday the 7th of June, we invite you to a conference day full of interactive workshops, surprising presentations and inspiring guest speakers, who ensure that you are on the edge of your chair. On Wednesday and Friday you can take a look in the House of the Brain, a ride on the new roads that the Afsluitdijk offers us or full of gas to work with Fossielfrij Fryslân.