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Writing-to-Learn: A Powerful Pedagogy in Honors Courses

Location:Sky HighDate: June 7th 2018 Time: 14:30 - 16:20

Writing-to-learn is a well-established pedagogy that promotes honors students’ critical thinking, composition, research, reflection, and collaboration skills. Our workshop is structured to provide honors instructors with tools for helping students to complement important acquisition of knowledge and skills with high-impact writing activities that foster deeper, more meaningful and lasting learning. Workshop participants will share ideas, learn various strategies for incorporating different types of writing in honors course design, and engage in interactive exercises to model writing-to-learn activities. We will discuss and practice approaches such as “minute papers,” online forums, weekly prompts, portfolio reflections, and other strategies to enhance honors students’ learning. Additional related topics will include learning outcomes, grading procedures, peer review of writing, writing rubrics, and other appropriate issues. The workshop will benefit honors instructors in diverse disciplines from different types of international honors colleges and programs. Writing-to-learn strategies ultimately have the dual goals of helping a student discover her own voice and allowing her to “claim [her] own education,” in the words of Adrienne Rich.

Skiing and writing have common attributes: they involve steep, active learning; dedication; practice; persistence; skill; and fun. Come join our workshop on the power of writing-to-learn pedagogy in Honors education. No skiing expertise required!

Given by Richard Badenhausen and John Zubizarreta from Westminster Honors College, Columbia College Honors Program.

Language: English