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Teaching and Learning Through Cross Cultural Collaboration

Location:Starr HoodDate: June 7th 2018 Time: 16:00 - 16:50

Actively seeking potential collaboration and like-minded professionals in the Netherlands and abroad not only expands the learning outcomes of students, it can sometimes lead to new friendships and new projects. When collaborating on such projects, professional development opportunities are also evident among the faculty and staff. Learning the methodology and the process of developing and completing a course proposal is just one example. Pedagogical comparisons, academic concepts and intellectual exchange are also among the valuable outcomes in international collaborations between educators. There are a number of issues to consider when crossing institutional borders, particularly when the management and academic calendars of those institutions are distinctly different.

Join two collaborators who have just completed an academic cycle in producing a student exchange course that took place during the fall 2017 term. The credits earned were within the home institutions, but the lessons learned far exceeded expectations and national borders. Our structural collaboration will be continued in 2018 and new ideas are being discussed to make this project sustainable. Learn the pitfalls and the precious moments that come from teaching collaboratively and traveling together, both in a homeland and abroad. Find opportunities within this workshop to collaborate with colleagues in developing a course/courses that can take students far and wide while, at the same time, learning similarities and differences in academia that can be professionally useful.

This workshop is given by Irena van Nynatten-Janikowska and Kathleen King, of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Hillsborough Community College, Tampa.

Language: English