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Location:Colour SplashDate: June 7th 2018 Time: 10:00 - 10:30

The number of students that drop out is increasing. Think of the practical school students, who almost have the stamp that they are no longer learnable. In practice, of our Leuke School ( this turns out to be a mistake. However, it requires a totally different lesson content, teaching method and teachers to shape this well. Therefore, it is investigated how you can strongly support the task of the teacher with ICT facilities. These facilities is used by the students, but it is also used to measure and analyze the learning process and all those involved in it. Furthermore, to provide the teacher with important information which makes it much more effective. This will be used to allow the existence of the diversity in the student population and make maximum use of it. In fact, we bring two concepts together: learning on the basis of experience (what humanity has been doing for a long time) and making learning more effective by processing massive amounts of information and offering advice for interventions. That is possible to a limited extent today, but the developments and ICT will bring personalized learning within our reach shortly. Personalized learning is possible if we only make the teacher a factor 100 or more effective. Betting on this is important, because it helps us to shape the Smart School. That is fun, you learn to live and you learn what you need to know in order to fulfill a nice role in the society.

Given by Mark C Hoogenboom, Entrepreneur M@rk.NL; founder of ‘De Levenschool’

Language: Dutch and English