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Research within X-Honours value and value creation

Location:Smart ClassDate: June 7th 2018 Time: 10:20 - 11:10

X-Honours is a vibrant learning community from which participants derive value and in which they jointly create value. This experienced value creation is the subject of our research. In this presentation we will talk about the iterative development of our research instruments and give a compact picture of what emerged from our study so far. The X-Honours network barometer (instrument 1) is a questionnaire that is distributed annually among X-Honours students and professionals. Xpose (instrument 2) is an instrument in which students can record their learning experiences that they can use for their talent-focused development. With Xpose we collect so-called micro-narritives: short anecdotes that provide insight into the experienced value creation within X-Honours.

Given by Boudewijn Dijkstra and Astrid van Twillert, of NHL Stenden Hogeschool – X-Honours.

Language: Dutch and English