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Location:Bird's NestDate: June 7th 2018 Time: 15:00 - 16:40

The mission of JOYlabel is to let everyone experience more leadership, creativity and fun in life. JOYlabel is doing this through creative support, when focussing on its own strength. JOYlabel designs and organizes tailor-made workshops, tools and working methods to inspire, challenge and encourage groups and individuals to act. During the workshops there is a lot of use of visualizations and metaphors. Metaphors help break through existing thinking patterns and provide insight that comes more from the heart rather than from the head. This, is also what I want to bring to this congress festival. As an old CMD student, I can, in my opinion, mean a lot this day.

In this workshop, the personal story of each participant is central. By telling your unique story is about discovering and shaping you as a person. JOYlabel offers the opportunity to realize personal focus and insight. You (re) discover what makes your heart beat faster and what your talents and qualities are.

Workshop is given by Sanne Veenstra, JOYlabel.

Language: Dutch