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Intercultutal readiness check

Location:VR LABDate: June 7th 2018 Time: 11:00 - 12:50

In this workshop, we will introduce you to a new step at Windesheim, in the nurturing of developing intercultural competence. We proudly present: the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC). In order to prepare students for mobility, they participate in a training called Get Ready, Set, Go! Essential in this training track is the use of the IRC. The IRC is a scientifically validated tool (developed by Ursula Brinkmann and Oscar van Weerdenburg, and measures intercultural competences in 4 key areas: Intercultural Sensitivity, Intercultural Communication, Building Relationships and Managing Uncertainty. After completion of the online tool, students receive an extensive feedback report which form the base of their personal action plan to be developed during the training. During mobility, students develop activities that contribute to their personal intercultural development and report on the outcomes. After mobility, students take part in a ‘welcome back session’ where we unpack their learning experiences in order to capitalize on their development. The IRC facilitates intercultural development in a personalized, ambitious and above all authentic way and helps students (and professionals!) to become more effective in any intercultural endeavor. Participants in this workshop will be introduced to what the IRC has to offer them and get to discover the added value of the IRC for themselves. Due to the recent new privacy regulations participants cannot actually take the IRC themselves before or during the session but at the end of the presentation everyone will be given more information on how to approach the IRC.

Based on the 4 key areas of the IRC we will then play the Intercultural Readiness Game, where participants can find out about where they stand with their intercultural skills.


This workshop will be presented by Liesbeth Rijsdijk and Ellen Keates of Windesheim Honours College, Zwolle, The Netherlands.

Language: English