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Honours within regular minors

Location:ParadiseDate: June 7th 2018 Time: 9:00 - 10:50

In your groups there will always be students who are more motivated, educated and competent than others. The education innovation project “Honours within minors” has delivered a model that helps to offer these students additional deepening and broadening knowledge and skills within the regular minor. On one hand with extra-curricular activities and projects (half-day per week); on the other hand, with some differentiated lessons during the regular minor. You will get inspiring examples of how this model has been implemented in a number of minors. Think of additional projects with its own final products, a separate space on the online learning portal for Honours students with extra literature and other content, and ways to use differentiation in your lessons. It is a generic model, and if it suits you, you will leave with a completed format for your own course!

Workshop is given by Brigitte van Barneveld, of Hogeschool Utrecht.

Language: Dutch and English