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Excellence: A power house of educational innovation

Location:FabricDate: June 7th 2018 Time: 12:20 - 14:10

The excellence programme in vocational education (which is a governmental sponsored programme with a duration of 4 years) not only offers talented and ambitious students additional opportunities to develop and grow, it is also a hotbed for educational innovation and student involvement. The “UP” programme of ROC MN is a highly successful broad Honours programme with many options for students. Option that have been developed in close knit cooperation with students. Now, with two years of experience, it can be concluded that there is not only a substantial demand for excellence programmes in VET but also a demand for a different approach in the regular programmes. This is demonstrated by the many cases of UP programmes creating a spin-off into regular courses, both in the shape and form of education as well as the involvement of students. This workshop will share experiences of how excellence in VET can raise the quality of education for the whole institution. It aims to offer food for thought and inspiration.

This workshop is given by Leontien Kragten and Norbert Ruepert, of ROC Midden Nederland.

Language: English