Events day 2
The X-Honours DNA
Writing-to-Learn: A Powerful Pedagogy in Honors Courses
Posterpresentations & Po!nt Controller by TREETECH
Atelier-plus Social Domain
Picking and steaming
Draw your work world
Image and Identity
Allow gifted individuals to learn in HBO
Mirror yourself on talent what do you see?
ePortfolios here, there and everywhere!
Building your learning power
Let’s Play!
Making a solar panel
Keynote- Embrace the F*ck ups – they lead to the best learning! by James Nottingham
F*ck up night
Brain Fuel, The special “brainstorming on how to celebrate fuck-ups” edition
Learning Pit – LIVE (warts n all), with James Nottingham
“Mindset is not working (yet) – with James Nottingham
Festival Driven Innovation
Who’s afraid of concept mapping?
Honours within regular minors
Power to the wind!
DNA buisjes – Ticketguard – Drinkcup – music cafe, make your own music! – Food & Beverage (Whole Day)
Experience Elli
Experience Elli
Experience Elli
Foodtruck (whole day)
Talent development through experiential lessons
How do you develop trend-setting education?
From dreams to doing: excellence education in vocational education in a nutshell.
What can an assessment tell us about a student?
Creative development with Performing arts
Intercultutal readiness check
Excellent Assesment: The impact of implicit value judgement
From Honours to talent development in a personalized learning environment
Inclusive Excellence in Honours: A cross-cultural conversation and creation
Pressure cooker sustainable business
How to teach in Honours?
Destroying the Box!
Teaching and Learning Through Cross Cultural Collaboration
Live and learn with guts!
Exchange and use of inspiring best practices
The green alert
Model United Nations, intercultural awareness
Creating a multi university project in less than two hours
Working with DaDa
Quiz: Frisian songs
Getting started with Edurobics
The struggle of executive managers
Excellence: A power house of educational innovation
From Netflix and fear of failure to Study Happiness
Finding new ways to collaborate and exchange internationally: European Honours Council
Junior Honourscollege
Talent at Work; pre-HBO college
Can I interrupt you?
Excelling at level 2 of the MBO: a success story!
Smart School
The importance of Professional Development for Honours Faculty & Staff
Open sapce: bring your project a step further
Your body’s untold story of you
Ace & Tate
Research within X-Honours value and value creation
From ex-refugee to a professional care provider